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Winter 2019 Inspiring Good Practice Forum

Winter 2019 Inspiring Good Practice Forum

15 Jan 2019


Providing organisations with a quarterly forum to explore topical issues and share good practice. 

Our Winter topic is:

Moving Towards Teal

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Frederic Laloux's Reinventing Organizations is considered to be the most influential management book of this decade. It has inspired organisations throughout the world to take a radical leap and adopt a whole different set of management principles and practices. 

Key Facts

Teal organisations:
  • Focus on their shared purpose and shared values 
  • Genuinely empowers employees
  • Allows people to be themselves
  • Trust others and trust life

Teal organisations are:
  • More agile,
  • Profitable
  • Great places to work
  • Out performing their competition
What will we cover?

Moving Towards Teal
  • The Future of Work  
  • The History of Organisational Structure 
  • Teal Concepts; Self-Management, Wholeness, Evolutionary Purpose 
  • The Journey to Teal
Date:            Tuesday 15th January 2019, 10am - 1pm

Venue:           Belfast

Cost:              £50.00 plus VAT per person 

To make a booking contact:

E: P: 028 9042 4746

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