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ACT Matrix Training

Learning to Thrive in Work and Life

The Challenge

Within life today, there is an increasing level of complexity, with many different competing challenges and demands in everyday life that we all must navigate through.

Many of us are constantly rushing around and thinking about what is next; so much so that we fail to notice or experience the here and now.

Psychological flexibility describes our ability to recognise and accept our thoughts, feelings and emotions, focus on living in the present moment, and take action that is guided by our values. This is very important to our emotional fitness and mental nimbleness.

The Mental Wellbeing Facts

Stress is a major problem in the world of work with 44% of long term absences attributed to stress and mental ill-health (CIPD Health and Wellbeing Survey at work 2018). 

The World health organisation calls stress 'the health epidemic of the twenty first century.


ACT Matrix Training

The ACT Matrix, developed by Dr.Kevin Polk, is designed to improve psychological flexibility, noting what works for you and living the life you want even in the presence of obstacles. The latest research supports promoting psychological flexibility as the cornerstone of psychological health and wellbeing.

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The ACT Matrix is based on research and the science with numerous studies demonstrating that people benefit through:

  •  Increased wellbeing and resilience
  •  Improved performance and productivity
  •  Increased job satisfaction and motivation
  •  Reduced stress and anxiety
  •  Increased innovation and problem solving
  •  Reduced absenteeism

Attendance at this programme will enable participants to live a rich, full and meaningful life through:

  •       Practising the use of The ACT Matrix.
  •       Enhancing psychological flexibility. 
  •       Getting in touch with what matters most.
  •       Reducing stress, anxiety and improving general wellbeing.

Learning to use of the ACT Matrix can also be provided in a coaching setting.

"I would highly recommend this programme not only as a way to support the individual physical and mental well-being of employees but also as a great team-building and bonding experience." Tory Kerley, Synergy Learning

There’s more about ACT here and a review of the growing evidence base here .

What the research says about Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) in the workplace

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